From Day to Play

In the busy holiday season we are all booked solid with shopping, decorating, and —of course— parties! We book ourselves without a moment to spare; not leaving much time—if any— for transitioning our look from day to evening. Not to fear, there are some super fast and easy ways to transition with a little planning and a few spare minutes. Altering your basic day time makeup to a dramatic night time look is easier then is seems. With just a couple extra items, you can enhance your makeup with a few sweeps of a makeup brush!

      Day to play makeup (holidays)

                        Day to play makeup (holidays) by jmariediet featuring a lip gloss

After a long work day your face may be feeling tired and dull. You can easily perk it up by misting on a skin refresher, such as Make Up Forever’s Mist & Fix, MAC’s Fix+, or for dry skin, Evian’s Mineral Water Spray. This will help refresh your makeup and perk up your weary skin.For a fun dramatic look, using a liquid liner, create a dramatic winged line on your top eyelids. You can do this right over the top of your day eye makeup (no need to start your makeup from scratch). Then sweep on a luscious red or berry lipstick or gloss to your lips to add that POP of color.

      Day to night (Holiday)

                     Day to night (Holiday) by jmariediet featuring clear glasses

Plan your outfit for the day. Choose pieces that are layer-able, such as a simple dress (or classic skirt) that you can add a sweater or cardigan to. This can be your “base” that you keep on both day and night. Choose comfortable yet stylish shoes- you’ll be in them for a long time! By simply swapping a few things you can transition your outfit from professional to glamourous. Trade that conservative sweater for a cute little peplum top or a shimmery cardigan. Swap out that simple necklace for some chunky bangles and a bling ring! Thats it, its easy! In just minutes, you’ve successfully transformed yourself from day a time classic beauty to a night time leading lady! Happy Holidays!

Julie Dietrich
Hair & Makeup Artist, TP Universal Exclusive

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