What's Expected During Auditions and Open Calls

There are few things better in the talent agency world than a well-prepared audition. We all want our meetings to go smoothly and efficiently, and we bet you do too. We have a few tips and tricks on how to best prepare yourself for that audition or open call you might like to attend.

Be Prepared:
Always arrive at least 10 minutes early, and be ready to fill out a talent application. Headshots and resumes must be brought to leave behind as well - they act like your business card in this industry. You may bring them separately, but it may be in your best interest to bring an 8.x5x11" headshot with your resume printed directly onto the back. Arrive "hair and makeup ready," because you can expect to likely have a photograph taken. Check out our resources on how to achieve this here, on this post. 

What to Expect During Agency Auditions:
Agents look for certain traits when auditioning potential new talent. These include: Personality, maturity, ability to take direction, camera-ready appearance. An agent will also look for an understanding of the industry's vocabulary, so be prepared to recognize important "hot words." Find more about industry vocabulary here. 

What to Expect During the Selection Process: 
You will often be give a brief explanation of the industry, and more specifically, how that individual agency operates. The agent will usually also define what the current "industry needs" are. These are based on market demands.

What to Expect Regarding Receiving an Acceptance:
After an audition, if the team feels that the applicant does not meet market demands, the team will suggest that the applicant resubmit in 6 - 12 months. The team makes this recommendation based on how ready talent is when they first meet with them. Sometimes the team may make suggestions to applicants to help further their career.

If the team feels that the applicant is an ideal candidate, the next steps you will encounter are often: Filling out paperwork, and gathering marketing materials.

What to Expect Regarding Having Professional Photographs Taken: 
The team will find what works best for you. They have a variety of photographers to recommend, with a range of price points to fit your budget. The team can also recommend a photographer that will work best with your style, personality, and goals.

... So, In Short: 
- We expect you to be a representation of our agency
- We expect the highest level of professionalism
- We expect you to understand what it means to arrive ready (don't forget to check out our post on being "Hair and Makeup Ready!"
- All in all, BE PREPARED

Good luck! 
- The Talent Plus Team

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