Top 5 Trending New Ways to Spice Up Your Wedding Event

Weddings are definitely not your typical ceremony and family reception these days. More and more couples are using their weddings as not just a testament to committing their lives to each other but also creating an event that you do not want to miss. Unique entertainment and spectacle are now major parts of the wedding experience. Want to make sure that your wedding stands out with the best of them this season? Here are some top trending ways to add a little flare to your special day.
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  1. Embracing Technology
    • From visually enhanced cakes to Snapchat filters, technology is making its way as a pivotal role in an overall wedding day experience. Personalized hashtags, Snapchat filters, and Facebook live are all simple ways to put your day on everyone’s radar - even after the festivities have concluded. Take it one step further and embrace technology within your event as well! Image mapping is a newer way couples are using projection technology to visually enhance event spaces, slideshow love story presentations, and even cakes!

  1. Nature vs. Floral
    • Greenery is taking center stage this year as floral is stepping back and taking the supporting role. It’s not all about roses, peonies, and gardenias anymore. Vines, trees, and other plants of the leafy green variety are taking the wedding scene by storm this year. Go green, and embrace the natural look!

  1. The Return of Color
    • In recent years pastels and nudes have been popular wedding color schemes, but this year we see the return of bright vibrant colors and metallics. Take a chance and choose that electric green, sunflower yellow, or vibrant turquoise for your special moment!

  1. Elaborate Entertainment
    • From musicians to acrobats to fire performers, there are no limits when it comes to reception entertainment. Adding spectacle creates a unique experience for guests and a night that won’t be forgotten. Keeping everyone entertained is certainly no easy task, and not everyone gets excited with the idea of dancing all night long to the couple’s favorite playlist. Providing additional entertainment will keep your guests entertained and give you peace of mind that there will never be a dull moment in your celebrations.

  1. Making the Most of your Musicians
    • Couples are personalizing weddings so much that even the music has become a representation of the couple and their one of a kind romance. Yes, DJs are still widely used but live performers are on the rise. From cover bands to themed musicians, whether it be a gospel choir, an 80s band, or a barbershop quartet for example, the reception music scene is changing. Couples are finding their sound and incorporating the music they love into their ceremonies and receptions. Find the right band and music for you!

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