Alternatives to Traditional Wedding Gifts

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Traditionally wedding gifts were intended to be given to a bride and groom to help them build their lives together in their new home. A Cuisinart cookware set, the cliche coffee maker, or new vase for flowers to set on their kitchen table. But now times have changed somewhat in the way that many couples already have the things they need for their new homes. So the typical home appliance and decor registry lists are simply not needed for these particular couples. There are also many couples these days who are simply opposed to the idea of their loved ones doting on them with luscious gifts. So what are the alternatives?

Make a Donation!

An amazing trend that has been picking up speed among couples is to forgo the wedding gift registry and instead ask their guests to make a donation in their name to their favorite charity or organization. This is a great way for a couple to be able to celebrate their love for one another and give back to the causes that they feel most passionate about.

Food Drive

In the same spirit of giving back, many couples choose to ask for food or necessity items to donate to local food pantries or organizations that send much-needed care packages to the less fortunate.

Honeymoon registry

Many couples still love the honeymoon tradition but find themselves in a bit of a budget crunch when it comes to affording both a wedding and a honeymoon. To remedy this, many couples are choosing to opt out of wedding gifts and ask their guests to donate to their honeymoon fund! Most loved ones are more than happy donating to the couple creating priceless memories with their new significant other over buying them a new kitchen mixer.

Take Lessons Together!

Who doesn’t love adding new hobbies to their lifestyle? As a newly married couple, many husbands and wives are looking for a new hobby to do together. So why not ask your guests for certificates for lessons! Cooking, dancing, surfing, rock climbing… etc. No matter your interests as a couple, there are unlimited options of classes and training programs to start your new hobby together!

Tell a Story

All of the guests each have their own personal story with the bride and groom, why not ask them to share those stories? Have a table or book set out specifically to have guests write down their stories of love and laughter with the couple. Putting these stories together in a collective format will create a priceless gift for the bride and groom.

...Or ask for cash.

Maybe you’re saving for your first home together or starting a joint savings account. Whatever the reason, some times asking for cash is the way to go.

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