Meet The Talent: Sarah Collette Campbell

TP Exclusive

Three words that best describe me are:
 - Funny, Sassy, Articulate

I was discovered when:
 - When I started performing stand-up comedy all over Los Angeles. I got my first manager through a comedy showcase.

Best advice was given to me: 
 - Professionalism always wins. You can never lose when you treat every person with respect, and every job professionally.

What most people don’t know about me is:
 - I LOVE Latin culture and have a bachelor's degree in Spanish. I’ve traveled to 6 different Spanish-speaking countries. I was on track to teach English in the Dominican Republic after college but ultimately didn’t want to be in a different country by myself.

My guilty pleasure is:
 - Watching Property Brothers. I would love to be a homeowner one day. Something about having a lot of debt, though...

My favorite thing to do in my spare time is:
 - Write and work on new comedy bits. I also love doing Zumba and was a Zumba fitness instructor while living in Hollywood.

What motivates me to work hard is:
 - The drive to keep improving personally. We only get one life, why not pack it full of awesome experiences? I love the notion of creating a bucket list. It’s not what we do in life we regret, it’s what we don’t do!

My favorite thing about my career is:
 - Thanks to the internet, you don’t have to wait to create. There’s no need to wait for the audition to work on your craft! Especially with comedy.

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