Meet the Talent: Sweetie & The Toothaches!

We’re so excited to welcome Sweetie & The Toothaches to the TalentPlus family! Sweetie & the Toothaches is a band that brings new life to 1930’s to 1960’s jump blues! Be prepared to be blown away by this dynamic band that’ll leave you wanting more, or leaves you with a permanent sweet tooth as they say! Read on to learn more about Sweetie and her fabulous Toothaches!

Where did the name Sweetie & The Toothaches come from?
Our vocalist, Sweetie, had two root canals and they were a pain. We figured that the guys in the band were pretty equivalent to root canal pain, so they became the toothaches and since she's so sweet, her name is Sweetie!  

How did you guys all get together?
Our pianist, Chase came to visit St. Louis at the end of 2015. Sweetie loved his style and they got together as a duo. Sweetie also knew our saxophone player, Josh, through swing dancing and he jumped on board as one of the main toothaches when he moved to St. Louis. We met our drummer, Chuck at an open mic night and latched on to him. Our current trumpet player, Justin, is a good friend of Josh’s from college! We currently have a few rotating bass players who we have met by way of the jazz and blues community in St. Louis.

Tell us about some of your favorite performances so far?
Sweetie and Chase have had the opportunity to perform through Europe over the past two years, and those have definitely been some of their favorite performances.
Sweetie & The Toothaches have loved traveling to Nashville for the dance community. One of their top performances took place very recently at the Mississippi Nights Festival and we absolutely loved playing at the National Blues Museum right here in St. Louis this past February!

Why do you play music?    
We all have grown up with different styles of music, but jump blues is something that we come together on and are passionate about. It's a way that we can have a creative outlet while being a part of a great community.

How long have you been playing music?
We all come from different backgrounds or playing, but probably almost 100 years combined!

How long have you been playing professionally?
We range from 2 years to 10 years!

How would you describe your sound?
1940’s - 1960’s jump blues & boogie woohoo is super fun! It's an upbeat swinging sound with blues influence.

What influences your music the most?
Louis Prima, Ruth Brown, BB King, T-Bone Walker, Big Maybelle.

If you could play with any band/musician throughout time, who would it be?
Louis Prima! We would mostly just be learning from them, though!

If you could play on any stage, where would it be?
The Grand Ole Opry! There is so much history there and we love Nashville!

If you had to describe your music in one word it would be….

What would the soundtrack be to a documentary about the band?
Louis Prima!
People think it’s strange that we…
We play music from 60 years before our time!

We think it’s beautiful when…
Our group takes road trips! We love spending time in one another’s company!

If you were to end up stranded on a deserted island but could bring one item with you, what would it be?
A piano.

What are your words to live by/life motto?
Our band tries to live by the golden rule.. “treat others how you want to be treated.”

Fun Facts?
Josh comes from a classical saxophone background!
Sweetie is from New Hampshire and never intended to end up in the Midwest, but LOVES St. Louis.
Chase is addicted to Haagen-Dazs coffee ice cream.
Justin loves the Great British Baking Show.
Chuck has two cute kids!

Anything else we should know about the band? Unusual talents?

We make really bad jokes!

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