#WeddingWednesday - Mr. Right

A wedding isn’t just about the bride, it’s easy to get carried away and neglect to involve the groom in all the wedding hustle and bustle. This #WeddingWednesday we’re paying special attention to the groom and groomsmen of your special day!

Designate a job for the Groom

To relieve some of the burdens of planning most brides know to consult their wedding planner and delegate tasks to their maid of honor and bridesmaids. But more often than not, brides forget that the groom can carry some responsibilities too! Find something that you know your groom won’t mind adding to his to-do list and trust him to take care of it (with a little help of the wedding planner). Choose the groomsmen gifts, come up with the playlist for the DJ, decide on the drinks for the reception etc. There are plenty of things that the groom can take care of without the bride having to spend every waking moment checking it over. 


Groomsmen are almost as important as the bridesmaid, in that they take care of the groom. Make sure your groomsmen are in contact with the bridesmaids, that way if anything comes up with bachelor/bachelorette parties, or surprises for the couple among so many other things, they all can be handled with ease.

Let the Boys be Boys

Some women dread bachelor parties, sending their soon to be husband off with all of his closest guy friends. The mind reels… But nowadays bachelor parties aren’t necessarily as scandalous as they have been in the past. Many men are opting to spend their time going to major sporting events, outdoor adventures or other getaways and activities that can let him hang out with the guys one more time before he’s a married man. So don’t fret, let the boys have their day, and besides, that means you can enjoy your day with the girls! 

Groom’s Cake

Who doesn’t love cake? So why not have two?! Groom cakes have been gaining popularity in the past couple of years, and they can serve as a more whimsical cake option than a traditional wedding cake. This is a good option if the couple has opposite taste in desserts, no compromises, both bride and groom can have what they like! You don’t necessarily need to have this cake at the reception either, try the rehearsal dinner or wedding shower!

Groom’s Gift

So what if your groom has terrible taste and all of his ideas just aren’t working for your special day? Some men may be fine with this, others may feel left out. Either way think about giving him a grooms gift, from the loving bride to her knight in shining armor. Without the groom, there wouldn’t be a bride! Show him you appreciate him, even though his ideas aren’t working and everyone is spending night and day doting on the bride; you still know he’s your number one and this is all about your love for each other.

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