#WeddingWednesday - 5 Creative Memory Keepers

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Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and one you never want to forget. We’ve all seen numerous wedding photo albums and guest books but there are more creative ways to keep the memory of your wedding alive for years to come.

Shadow Box

Grab the glue and a few magnets and colorful paper and create your own unique wedding shadow box! Shadow boxes put multiple tangible memory pieces together in one pretty package. Think your wedding invite, guest favor, a few pictures and a few little adorable accents and voila! You have a beautiful little memory collection that you can put on display on a table, your desk or your bedroom wall!

Scratch the Guest Book

Keeping track of who helped you celebrate your marriage has gotten quite the makeover from your typical guest book. Let your guests help you keep your wedding day memories alive. The ideas are endless. From signing names to a picture, bench, or globe for world travelers; or taking silly photo booth sessions, think outside the box when it comes to remembering your guests. Give them the opportunity to make something for you as a couple. Just give them the materials, and let their imaginations and all the memories you’ve shared them then run wild.

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A favorite for beach weddings, take a few little pieces from your day and put them together into a clear ornament! Every year you can add a little piece of your wedding day to the holiday season. Another option, if you’ve ever heard the expression “if it rains on your wedding day it’s good luck”? Well if you believe the superstition and want to keep a little piece of it, you can capture some of the rain!


Technology has come a long way. If that new wedding ring on your finger wants some company, making wedding memory jewelry is a good option! Take a few petals from your bouquet and turn them into a pendant. Get your initials and wedding date engraved into a necklace. Take those wedding day raindrops and put them into a few beads for a bracelet. Or even start a memory charm bracelet, with the beginning charm representing your ceremony!

Custom Classic

If traditional is more your style there are still your classics… photo albums, dress preservation, unity candles or sand. The only thing you need to do is to make it your own! What ever you choose, personalize it to show how much you love each other and you’re happy that this day has finally come and the memories will last a lifetime.

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