Entertainment Questions to Ask Your Venue


When choosing your venue for your wedding day whether it be the ceremony, cocktail hour or reception there are key details that you are going to need to make sure you know. Many details and people need to come together to make your event run smoothly, especially when it comes to planning entertainment. Here are a few questions to get the ball rolling on entertainment conversation when you are choosing and planning with venues.

What is the capacity of the space?

Will there be a stage or an open floor plan?

Are there multiple rooms/ event spaces available? Which will you have access to?

If there are multiple locations on site will there be shuttles available for guests and entertainers?

Are there green rooms for entertainment to prepare in/warm up?

Is there lighting provided?/Is there sound provided?/Is there a technician to operate sound/lighting?

What equipment will need to be provided by the performers? What equipment will be provided by the venue?

Who will be your point of contact for the days leading up to your date? Who will be your on-site contact the day of?

What time will the entertainment be allowed to arrive/load in and set up?

What time will the entertainment need to load out?

Will there be parking available for the performers?

When will there be an opportunity for a sound check/run through?

Will there be someone to show the performers around the venue?

If you are using an outdoor venue, is there an alternative space in case of rain?

Are there electricity outlets available in the outdoor venue?

Does the venue have a preferred vendor list?

What entrances will the performers need to use?

Are there any volume (decibel) restrictions for DJ/band?

Are there any elevators or stairs that need to be taken into consideration?

Are there any entertainment restrictions? Fire codes?

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