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Welcome to the #tpfamily - The Groove! We are excited to be working with this rhythm and soul review made up of Steven Woolley, Kelvin Evans, David Chapman, and Marty "The Party" Little. From humble beginnings to sharing the stage with Neal McCoy read on to learn more about The Groove. 

How did The Groove come together? 

We had already been billing ourselves as Steven Woolley and the Groove. As I started to focus more on my own music I wanted to retain “The Groove” and continue the project and remove myself, my name rather, and just be part of a rhythm and soul band.   

How would you describe your sound? 

Like a band raised by our Uncles, Ray Charles, James Brown, Ottis Redding and our older cousins were Michael Jackson and Prince. 

Why do you play music? 

Steven Woolley: "I've tried a lot of things (occupations) in my life. I've done everything from dig ditches, apartment maintenance, carpenter, fast food, factory work, sales, medicine, a whole gamut of professions. All I've ever wanted to do, ever since I was a child, was play music,  perform and entertain. My father was a working touring musician I guess that is where I get it from. It's my job, It's who I am." 

David Chapman: "I can't NOT play's like waking up."  

What makes The Groove unique in this genre? 

We have a fairly diverse, and talented group of musicians. The idea isn't to copy or "cover" material but to let it's influence help put our own spin on the tunes.  

When did you start playing music? 

Dave: I was probably 11... 
Steven: I was 4-5... 
Kelvin: I was 8 

What influences your music the most? 


Where did the name The Groove come from? 

Steven: I came up with the name "The Groove". We had been playing as the Steven Woolley Band and I don't have the ego to go along with it. So I came up with Steven Woolley & The Groove. We were wanting to do a project that just featured R&B and Soul and I would take a back seat and just be a feature in the group, so all you're left with is The Groove. 

Do you have any words to live by or life motto for the band? 

Steven: Find your strengths and exploit them. 

If you could play on any stage, where would it be? 

Steven: Red Rocks Amphitheater, Colorado 

Kelvin: Apollo Theater, Harlem New York 

Dave: Hollywood Amphitheater aka Riverport... 

Who would be your dream collaboration? 

Kelvin: Stevie Wonder... 

Steven: Justin Timberlake, I think we would get along - I don't know if it's dream collaboration, but I bet it'd be interesting.          

Dave: John Fruscainte, Chad Smith, and Steven Woolley singing... 

What draws you to the artists/music that you cover? 

Dave: Dance-ability  
Steven: Soul... 

If you had to describe the band in one word it would be…. 

Dave: Uplifting... 
Steven: Stirring...  

When you’re not playing music you... 

Dave: Working, spending time with my family...  

Steven: avid outdoorsman, hunter, and conservationist.  

What is the first record you bought? Where did you listen to it? 

Kelvin: John Coltrane - Giant Steps 
Dave: Chuck Berry... 
Steven: Michael Jackson - Thriller...everywhere  

If they made a documentary about you, who would be on the soundtrack? 

Dave: Chili Peppers, James Brown, Stevie Wonder, Chuck Berry...  

Steven: hmm...Jerry Reed, Merle Haggard, Wilson Pickett, Ray Charles, John Mayer...something along those lines. 

What is your favorite moment of performing for a live audience with The Groove? 

Kelvin: Last Summer...Meremac Community Fair. 

Dave: I haven't been with the group as long as the rest but definitely the Fair in Sullivan last June...  

Steven: We had the opportunity to perform in my hometown with two time winning ACM entertainer of the year Neal McCoy. Completely amazing straight up affable, and gracious, a fan even. After the show, he met us backstage and we talked shop and did autographs and photos. He gave a lot of kind advice and encouragement.   

Fun facts? 

Dave Chapman is Bass player and founding member of two-time Battle for Busch Stadium (Battle of the Bands) winners, Goodtime Engineers. 

Steven Woolley is an award-winning singer-songwriter and instrumentalist, winning instrumentalist of the year at the age of 19. 

Was there anyone that you are especially proud to say that you’ve shared the stage with? 

Dave: Neal McCoy 
Steven: Def, Neal McCoy... 
Kelvin: Neal McCoy

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