#WeddingWednesday - Fur Baby Friendly Weddings


Congratulations on your big day! You have your family, loved ones and friends all gathered around to celebrate the occasion. But someone is missing…. your beloved pets! With a little bit of planning, you can include your fur babies on your special day! Here are a few tips and some of our favorite ways to give your pets a special role in one of the most important days of your life.

Ring Bearer/Flower Girl/Member of the Wedding Party
Let your fur babies take center stage and have their own walk down the aisle! This is especially convenient if you do not have any young children in your family or friend circle to participate as ring bearer or flower girl.

Sign Carrier
If you already have your ring bearer and flower girls, there is still a role to play for your beloved pet.

During engagement or wedding day photoshoots, your pets may just be the secret to memorable and unique photos.

Cake Toppers
A subtle way to make include your pets is incorporating them into your wedding cake topper. What’s cuter than little pets sitting on top of a decadent dessert?

Invitations/Save the Dates
Announce your special day with some stationery that reflects the one thing you and your significant other love just as much as you love each other, your precious pup or fabulous feline.


Rehearse with your pet before the big day to get them familiar with the situation and avoid overwhelming them.

Keep lots of treats handy!

Notify your guests that there will be pets present beforehand.

Talk with your venue during the planning process. Ask them about their animal policies and anything you can do to ensure that everyone is happy and your pets are taken care of.

Choose one person who is familiar with your pet help you take care of them while you’re celebrating and mingling with your guests.

Step outside the box and include you unusual pets as well!


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