#WeddingWednesday - Technology Friendly


Technology is a controversial topic in many circles, but in the wedding and events industry more often than not technology is definitely a strength. Here are a few ways to utilize technology for the better in your special day.

  • Group Chats

Coordinating wedding planners, your wedding party and the vendors can be challenging. Try to take advantage of the one thing that is always on hand, your cell phone. Group chats can keep all of your communications in one place. There are always issues of someone not having everyone's phone number or email or they don’t follow each other on social media. This way you can take the bull by the horns and put everyone in communication with each other with a simple push of a button.

  • Wedding Website

Setting up a wedding website creates a portal that everyone on your guest list can go to for simple questions and curiosities regarding your engagement, ceremony and reception. With all of the things you have on your plate the last thing you need is 50 phone calls looking for your registry list or directions to the venue. Create a website link that you can give out to your guests along with your save the dates that they can access 24/7 from now until the wedding. Create pages for your engagement story and throw in some cute pictures. Add a page laying out the addresses and directions to the venues, parking, and hotel information.  One page can also be set up for gift registry with links to the specific stores, organizations or charities that you are asking guests to go to.

  • Interactive Receptions

Stuffy sit-down receptions are a thing of the past. Now couples and wedding planners alike are creating more of a spectacle with wedding receptions. A great resource for this is including tech elements to amp up the fun. From whimsical photo booths to Snapchat filters, technology is making its way as a pivotal role in an overall wedding day experience. Personalized hashtags, Snapchat filters, and Facebook live are all simple ways to put your day on everyone’s radar - even after the festivities have concluded. Not to mention special lighting and visual displays are an easy way to use tech to create a fun and interactive ambiance for your celebration.

  • Spreadsheets and Google Forms

Keep yourself organized with spreadsheets and Google forms to keep track of contacts, budget, RSVPs, any important dates, seating charts etc. Creating everything electronically will keep you organized and the documents will be easily accessible to share with others via email or ready for you to print. Sharing documents via Google sheets allows others to make comments and respond giving you immediate access to their feedback without creating a new document with every person you send it to.

A note to the happy couple: While we love certain aspects of technology make sure your guests know the proper etiquette that you would like them to follow during your festivities. If you would prefer no phones during the ceremony or if you would like each guest to take a certain photo and share it with the couple, let them know!

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