It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year... for Holiday Proposals!!

Love is in the air this holiday season. Whether you’re surrounded by family and friends or taking a romantic getaway together, you may be considering popping the question to your significant other this holiday season. The possibilities are endless when it comes to holiday proposals; here are a few ideas to get you thinking about your special moment. Whatever style proposal you choose, give it a little personal flair and you’re sure to have memories to last a lifetime and a beautiful beginning to your new life together.

Christmas Decore
Ornament-al Occasion

Whether you hide the ring in an ornament or use the ring as an ornament itself... decorating the tree this year will be one to remember.


For the couple that loves those little flakes falling from the sky and the chill in the wintery air. Embrace the season, write out your proposal in the snow. Or even get a little help from a friend, I'm sure Frosty won't mind lending a hand to your proposal surprise.

Christmas Lights

Christmas lights have their own reputation for creating an ambiance of romance and magic. Take the moment to write out your love note in twinkling lights. Or if you prefer to leave the light decorating to the experts, a carriage ride through a winter wonderland light display is just as magical.

Martha Stewart Weddings
Love Actually Inspired

For the romantic comedy lovers, take the iconic scene from Love Actually and make it your own!

Ice Skating

A Christmas season classic. After a night of stumbling on the ice together, the grand finale may not include a triple axel jump, but it's safe to say a proposal is just as show-stopping.

Hot Chocolate

Custom mugs are all the rage lately. If you know someone who just can't resist adding to their collection, give them their most memorable mug to date. Capturing one of the best moments of their life, the day they decided to be forever yours.

Candy Canes

Sweet tooths will love the subtlety of a little sugary treat with a sparkly diamond ring tied to the end.

Photo With Santa

"What do you want for Christmas? To share my life with him/her." It's the perfect set up for a surprise and it'll be caught on camera! You can't get any more festive than Santa making your wish come true!


They may have noticed the mistletoe hanging overhead, but take a closer look and see a shiny diamond surprise waiting for that magic word, "YES!"

Gingerbread house

Constructing a house made of sweets and treats that can symbolize building your future life together.
The Knot

Elf on the Shelf

Mischief and cleverness daily from the elf on the shelf can now surprise your loved one Christmas morning with their greatest gift to date.

Event Proposal

If you have the perfect holiday event or venue in mind for your proposal, ask the event staff for help! Proposals are great publicity for events and Christmas celebrations and staff are typically more than happy to help you execute your perfect proposal.

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