#WeddingWednesday - Just Engaged!


Congratulations! You just got engaged! Now we all know once the bliss wears off and the wedding planning begins things can turn a bit into a tornado of planning folders, people with opinions on how you should do things, and budget numbers all twirling around in your head. But for now, let’s keep things simple and take a few first steps to start off your engagement on the right foot! (And hopefully, avoid any future tornados of planning mishaps) 

Plan your Date
This is the most important step. Knowing when your wedding will take place is the key to starting the wedding planning process. Aim to choose the month and year and then the specific day will be chosen once you talk with your wedding party and choose & book the venue. Knowing the month gives you your timeline for planning and personal goals, a heads up for your guests to keep some time that month reserved and a specific moment to look forward and countdown to!

Choose Your Wedding Party
Find your squad to help you celebrate your marriage! These special people are your helping hands and emotional support through the whole wedding process. Your best friends and influential people that have helped you through life and your relationship with your significant other. They help you keep your mind clear and bring in all the fun and jokes when you most need them. Choose wisely and you're in for creating some amazing memories together getting ready for the most important day of your life. 

Choose Your Wedding Planner
This could be a professional wedding planner or enlisting your maid of honor to take charge of helping you whenever you need an extra pair of hands or eyes to make the best choices that work for you. Wedding planning can be a lot to take on, find someone you trust to make the whole process easier. 

Vision Board
This is your space to go crazy with ideas and have them all in one place. Photos of inspiration, color schemes, business cards from venues and vendors, inspiring quotes, anything that helps you come up with an overall vision for your special day. Vision boards are a helpful outlet for you to express ideas that you can’t exactly put into words as well as serve as a starting point for wedding planners to see the direction that you are heading with your overall planning and goals. 

Have a little fun! Have a photo shoot and send out a digital or physical card letting everyone know of your happy news and that details are soon to follow! The beginning of the new year is an amazing time to announce an engagement, everyone’s calendars are clearer and they are ready to start making plans for the new year ahead.

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