The People's Key releases "Time of the Season"

Are you ready for your new favorite jazz album?! We are! The People's Key has just released their brand new album "Time of the Season" taking your favorite tunes from the 60's and 70's and giving them a brand new jazz twist. Get ready to groove with The People's Key! Read on to learn more about the album from the band's frontman Ryan Marquez.

What inspired you to put together this album?

This album was inspired by the series of theme shows that we produced last year (2017) at KDHX. We did "Jazz Side of The Moon" ft. Pink Floyd's album front to back in the winter, "Here Comes The Jazz: Abbey Road Revisited" a tribute to the legendary Beatles record in the summer, and "Axis Bold as Jimi: Love as Jazz" a show featuring the music of Jimi Hendrix in the fall. We threw in a few tunes that fit a similar vibe like Happy Together (The Turtles), Mrs. Robinson (Simon and Garfunkel)  and of course The Zombies' Time of The Season to round out the record and create some variety.

What made you choose the music of the 60s and 70s?

I grew up on the music of the 60's and 70's. As a kid, my Mother and Father played the oldies station on the radio all the time as well as a lot of classic groups from that era on our record, tape and CD players. I have a lot of fond memories of driving to school with my Mom or to baseball practice with my Dad blasting oldies and having sing-a-longs.  The music of the 60's and 70's was harmonically rich in the pop realm and I attribute to developing an ear for jazz to listening to music during this era. The tunes that were chosen for the record are a handful of songs that really resonate with me personally as well as lend themselves well to the jazz vernacular.

I know that as a band we all have a lot of memories and affection for Pink Floyd's Dark Side of The Moon, The Beatles' Abbey Road and Jimi Hendrix's music. I think there's sort of a cultural rite of passage to fixating on those albums/artists at pivotal times in one's life. We chose those themes because of the emotional attachment we all have to the music as well as knowing that there are a lot of people in our audience who love that music as well.

The 60's and 70's birthed a lot of great artists and music that has stood the test of time in popularity. Kids even today are huge fans of The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and Jimi Hendrix sporting their t-shirts and knowing their music. The music of that era has become ingrained in the culture, so like many jazz artists before us, we wanted to utilize the familiarity of it to hook some fans of 60's/70's music into the jazz realm.

Which song is your favorite off of the album?

The overall consensus in the band is "Golden Slumbers". I think because one, that's one of all of our favorite tunes from Abbey Road, and two we put a groove on it that I think will surprise a lot of people.

What is different with "Time of the Season" compared to the last album "Within You"?

"Within You" had a little more modern influence with a handful of tracks coming from the 90's and 00's. "Time of The Season" is a little bit more vintage in that respect with sticking to primarily 60's and 70's. Arrangement-wise the new record has a little more of a soul jazz feel to it. As the years go by as a band we are really finding our groove with arranging and developing our own sound and I think "Time of The Season" is proof of that. It's very easy to listen to while still showcasing everybody's skill sets in the band. It's a record Grandma would love, kids would find groovy and everyone in between would be jammin' to.

What are you most excited about with this album release?

This is our third full-length release as a band. I think it's pretty exciting anytime you are able to release an album from inception to completion. Through the years we've all grown so much together and individually in our own careers. There's a lot of hard work, friendship and dedication showcased on this record. We've been at it for 5 years and I think it really captures the essence of what we've been about since inception. It's a good representation of our sound, the music we've been playing themes around and in general, it ended up being a really cohesive project. I'm excited to be able to perform the record live at The Sheldon Concert Hall. We all love that venue and it has been in our sights to work with them since very early on.

You can see The People's Key perform songs from their new album at The Sheldon Concert Hall on April 28th at 11AM! Tickets available on Metrotix here:

Purchase "Time of The Season" here.  Stream on Spotify here.

For booking inquiries contact us at or 314.421.9400.

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