Wedding Day Music Do's & Don'ts


One of the things that makes a wedding unforgettable is the music. When all your family and friends shed a tear at the romantic ballads during your ceremony, or shake it on the dance floor at your reception. Music can make or break the moment. Here are a few simple do's and don'ts to working with your music and musicians for your big day. 

1. Starting the ceremony in silence

Start off the day on the right foot by adding some ambiance to your venue. Nothing is more awkward than having a crowd of people all sit in silence as they wait for the ceremony to begin. Soft instrumental music or a few ballad versions of current hits can be played (or performed) beginning as your first guests start to arrive at the venue. 

2. Inappropriate ceremony music

If you are getting married in a sacred place, a house of worship, church etc. Think about being considerate of the venue, the officiant, and others by choosing your music appropriately for this part of the celebrations. Certain secular songs may be prohibited in your particular ceremony venue and this regulation should be respected. 

3. Playing the music too loud

Keep in mind how many different things are occurring at once during your wedding festivities. You want to be able to keep the volume of your tunes to a level which allows your guests to dance, sit and enjoy a meal or mingle with each other, take photos etc. without having to yell over the band. 

1. Meet the musicians

Some couples never meet up with their musicians until they perform on the wedding day. However, it is far better to have a meetup during the planning process. Meeting with your bands, DJs or soloists allows you to talk through playlists, dress code, and any other things specifically for your wedding day. Communication is key in wedding planning and this is much easier in person, then to follow up via call, email or text. 

2. Research

Take the time to research your bands and DJs and compare playlists. Looking for someone to play a specific song exactly how it sounds on the radio? That doesn't necessarily mean you have to book a DJ, you'd be surprised by the level of skill some cover bands can bring to the table. Want live music but a DJ's extensive playlist? Ask if your live band can also be accompanied by a DJ for part of the evening. 

3. Review the playlist

Can you imagine dancing with your new spouse and the one song you hate begins to play? Seems like a ruined moment right? Take the time to go through the band or DJ's song list and give them a list of your favorites and also a "Do Not Play" list. 

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