"I'm Breaking Into Voice Overs!"... Really?

"I'm thinking about breaking into voice overs." I hear this all the time from people who have yet to explore the world of voice acting. I just received yet another email from someone who says they're thinking of breaking into voice overs and how would they go about doing this? What I'd like to say is, "If you don't mind spending several years in school, then you could break into psychiatry while you're at it!" If you have a true desire to be a voice actor, you must have patience and the determination to see it through.

Thinking that because you have a voice and use it all the time, does not mean you can make it in this business. When I receive a request like this, I assume that the person making the request is not really serious about the business, that they intend to throw darts at it and see if they might hit something. Obviously they just don't realize what goes into becoming a voice actor. They don't know how much training is required, how long it takes to develop vocal skills, or the perfection their first demo will require. But yet, I remain calm and take the time to explain to each hopeful person the steps that are required.

Some think they can start a business as a voice actor immediately. They feel they don't need to spend a few dollars for a class or workshop, let alone MANY classes and workshops. They rush into a demo too quickly and it turns out poorly. They make a bad first impression and their career is over before they've even begun. If you build your voice over business correctly, it will be by baby steps and it will require spending some money. You can start your VO business for pennies on the dollar compared to buying a franchised business...but it all costs money.

It takes time, money, a lot of hard work and patience to make it in the voice over business. But, now that you've had time to let this sink in and while you’re reflecting on the time and attention this business requires, think twice before saying: "I'm breaking into voice overs!"

Contributor: Joe Loesch. For more from Joe, visit his website.


  1. I appreciate your authentic approach to this, Joe! And I REALLY appreciated all that you covered in your class. I hope to be able to take the next one, too! It is really valuable information for anyone who wants to make it in the voice acting business!

  2. It was such a privilege to take your workshop! You have excellent advice and wisdom to share with anyone in this business no matter what their background or experience level. Thank you for all your guidance. I look forward to your next workshop!