See. Hear. Believe. The Magic of the Polar Express.

This year marks the second year in a row that we have had the pleasure of handling the casting for the St. Louis Polar Express. The Polar Express is an interactive experience for children, families and fans to take part in the magic of the famed story. Normally we stay behind the scenes, but this year, we got the chance to hop aboard and see, hear and believe in the magic with everyone else! Here's a piece of the magic, with a little behind the scenes for you....


Write Letters to Santa
Have Dinner in the Grand Hall

Get ready to board your train!

Meet in the tent and meet the train crew!

Get your ticket validated!

Drink some hot chocoloate.

Meet Santa!


The evening begins at St. Louis Union Station, where children can write letters to Santa Claus,add their wishes to the wishing wall, watch a balloon artist and take photos at the multiple photo ops set up throughout the station. A separate ticket is available to join in on the interactive dinner in the Grand Hall, full of all of the accouterment, delicious dinner and treats, as well as elves and chefs to help solidify the ambience. Then, all the sudden, the characters round up all of the passengers and take them to board the train. Each train car is themed and passengers are placed in their respective waiting areas. The Hobo, Hero Boy and Conductor do a short skit introducing the train and welcoming everyone on board. Section by section, passengers are boarded on the train and greater by elves, conductors and chefs.

Once the train is in motion, everyone is served hot cocoa and a cookie and the dancing begins! The elves and chefs sing and dance throughout the train car and invite all the passengers to get up and dance and sing. Then, The storybook is brought out and read aloud as the train inches closer to the magical North Pole, where Santa Claus greets everyone— then appears on the train, bringing the first gift of Christmas— a shiny silver bell— and sharing Christmas spirit. At this time, Santa greets all of the passengers and takes photos with all the good boys and girls. The train ride is approximately an hour of full on magic.

Behind the Magic 

We had the pleasure of working to cast the show which ran 39 nights at 3 performances a night. These were lightly scripted, mainly improvised roles where 39 characters were appearing inside the train depot, on board 7 live moving train cars, on the train platform and inside the merchandise tent, as well as in the Grand Hall. We needed to staff highly engaging characters and performers that could interact with guests and create their own mini-shows within the shows and never drop character. We turned to JC to help in sourcing and seamstress-ing the character costumes, who worked her finesse to execute the looks seamlessly, as usual. Our talent spanned the gamut— from ten-year-olds to those seventy-year-olds. Exclusive and non-exclusive talent including actors, dancers, musicians, professional and real-bearded santas; we had an amazing crew this year.

We are but a small part in the engine of the Polar Express: Thank you to Slay Event Management & Consulting for the opportunity to participate in this event and all of the other vendors who helped us all to....


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