7 Unique Ideas for Your Wedding

We've seen a lot of unique entertainment ideas for weddings throughout the years. Here's a of couple ideas that inspire us and will hopefully inspire you too....

Aerial Bartender

Did heaven just fall to earth? No, that’s just the sound of your drink being refilled.
The only thing better than an open bar is an open bar shaken or stirred by an Aerial Bartender. Much like the kitchen is the heart of the home, the bar is heart of your reception. While they hang from the ceiling, you and your guests will be reminded of just how high love can soar.

Larger-than-life Welcome

Have you thought about how your guests will be greeted when they walk through the door to your reception? Welcome your guests to your larger-than-life celebration with a Themed-Stilt-Walker-Greeter. No one will get lost on the way to the reception when your invitation reads “There will be a giant lady covered in flowers to meet you at the door”.

Bring Your New Name(s) to Life

“Are you taking his/her name or are you hyphenating?” Changing your name(s) is a big decision. It symbolizes the melding of two families for a lifetime. Instead of answering this question all night, show them with an LED Poi artist. As the poi spins, the LED lights will visually unfold the character of your unity. With unlimited customizable graphics, your imagery can be as unique as the new (or not new) names you will be embracing in this next phase of life.

Celebrity Processional

Have you ever dreamed of having your favorite artist at your wedding? Bring that magic to life as you walk down the aisle with a live performance of those sweet sounds from your favorite celeb at your wedding. Fairytales do come true: your wedding is a living testiment to that. 

Living Skirt Champagne Toast

Bring everyone up and out of their seats for the toast. Lure them to the champagne station where they can grab their glass from the Living Champagne Skirt and gather around to salute this special day. This is an elegant touch that can be customized based on the theme of your decor.

Heritage Bands

The life you have lived up to this point has made you and your loved one into the beautiful humans you have become. As you embark on the journey to married life, give a salute your heritage. Bring in a Heritage Band for cocktails and dinner while your families and friends are sharing stories and getting to know each other. Second Lines, Latin, Samba, Country— this adds a very distinctive element to the evening and can create an unequivocal ambiance.

Fiery Sendoff

Your send-off is your final statement and the lasting impression you leave your guests with. Bubbles and rice are nice, but do they sum up the evening? Emerge from the flames of your hot soiree and make your grand entrance into your new life with a fire-breather.

Want more inspiration? Feel free to shoot us an email and check back next for next week's #WeddingWednesday :)

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