From the Appalachians to the Grammy Awards

“Music is universal. Everyone wants the same thing: comfort and expression."- Meredith

It was November, Meredith got called into a meeting with her boss. It's unusual to get called into a meeting with your boss at the Hilton, so she was nervous; she had to be in trouble for something. He brought her upstairs, which she thought was a little strange. As they neared the top of the stairs, Meredith saw all of her coworkers, from the whole hotel, wearing Mardi Gras beads and holding clappers. Then it her…. Meredith was the winner of the Hilton Rockstar Contest! She was going to Los Angeles for five days to see the 2016 Grammy Awards!

Each year, the Hilton holds a video submission contest where musicians have to write a song and make a music video of their performance for a chance to win a trip for two to the Grammy Awards. Meredith saw the flyer about this on a bulletin board at work and all she could think is “You miss one-hundred percent of the shots you don’t take.” So she went for it. A week and a half before the deadline, Meredith sent in her video, commenting that “at the end of the day, we had fun making the video. I felt confident about it."

Clips from Meredith's video

For months, she dreamed about what it would be like. She knew they would be staying at the Beverly Hilton Hotel for five days, but couldn’t even imagine everything on their itinerary. While they were in LA they got to:

  • Go to the Grammy Museum
  • Do a tour of the celebrity homes
  • Visit Santa Monica Pier
  • VIP Tour of Universal Studios
  • See Harry Potter World
  • Go to the Grammy Awards

On Grammy Day, they were whisked away to have brunch on the rooftop of the hotel and ride to the award show in a limousine with champagne in tow! “There were two red carpets— the ‘real red carpet’ and the other. We were on the other one.”, she laughs. 

On the "other" Red Carpet

“The seats were incredible! we were on the very first graduated seating past the floor seats. From a production side, it was amazing to watch. There was so much to do! It was fun to dress up and pretend like we were important. Most people can’t say they’ve been to LA or the Beverly Hilton, let alone the Grammy’s! This has been a lifetime dream for me. The only way this experience could have been beaten is if I was nominated someday for a Grammy."

Meredith's Future Grammy

Meredith is one of the front-women of Push the Limit. Before she began working at the Hilton, she was a singer on a cruise ship and at a theme park. Originally from North Carolina, she went to Appalachian State University and moved to St. Louis with her boyfriend in May of 2015. While she was at the Grammy’s she saw two other groups that had graduated from Appalachian state: “Us the Duo”, who is signed with the same label as Ariana Grande, and Phillip Riggs, recipient of the Music Educator award. “You think you’re in a small place, but you can do big things!"

A big thank you to Meredith for sharing her inspiring story with us! Questions or comments? Feel free to e-mail

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