#WeddingWednesday: Kim Massie

Three or four years ago, Kim Massie's good friend reached out to her and asked her to officiate his upcoming wedding ceremony. "Are you crazy?!", Massie replied. Shortly after, Massie received her ordination certificate from Universal Life Church Monastery. On a warm afternoon, Massie, Rob, his bride-to-be and their friends and family gathered outside. A giant birdcage served as their wedding altar, overlooking a stream. Massie read the couple's pronouncement, with intervals of musical accompaniment by Massie, two other vocalists, and a keyboardist. It was Massie's first time ordaining a ceremony-- and a very memorable one.

"Some folks think that a ceremony should be very straight-laced religious and regimented. Others are ready to let loose. They need to know there is a choice.", Massie comments. With about fifteen years behind her of performing at weddings; "I can't remember a bad wedding. The people and the vibes are just wonderful!" she continues that her favorite part of doing weddings is "When I see the effect that our band has on making the whole thing work. A band can make or break a reception. The band is not just there for you to sit while we rattle off songs; we are bringing you into the bride and groom's happiness. We are helping to create memories. The bride and groom are beginning their life together. This is a great start!"

Wedding performances and Massie's career as a professional vocalist go hand-in-hand. Back in 1999, before she relocated to St. Louis, she was performing as a vocalist with some friends back in Ohio at weddings as well as some other venues. Massie has shared the stage with artists such as Cyndi Lauper, India Arie, Nelly and Chuck Berry and been awarded Best Vocalist of the Year by RiverFront Times (twice) and a Grand Center Visionary Award. She has performed for organizations such as Major League Baseball, Purina, Boeing, and at esteemed venues and events such as the Missouri History Museum, Big Muddy Blues Festival, Davenport Blues Festival, Emerald City Blues Festival, and the Blues Rising Festival.

For more information about booking Kim Massie to officiate or perform at your wedding, check out her website or feel free to shoot us an e-mail!

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