#WeddingWednesday: madBeats

Three years ago, Bob came to one of Dave's gigs with Superjam and asked if Dave would like to do some duo stuff. They had played together at different points during Bob's seventeen-year-run with Griffin and the Gargoyles. A month later, they had an entire night's worth of material together and madBeats was born. Since then, they have been combining their mad-skills at venues, private events and weddings all around town.

When did you start doing Weddings?

Bob and I have been playing in wedding bands since we were teenagers. Part of being a professional musician is being flexible enough to do whatever type of music the crowd or client demands, so that started early for both of us.

Why do you play music? How much time do you have?

To keep it brief, music is just as much a spiritual experience as it is a mental and physical one. It’s a universal language that everyone can relate to, and being a catalyst for groups of people to gather and celebrate being alive is transcendent. It can be a time machine, transporting you to another place and time, of wonderful memories. There is nothing else like it, we love it more than anything!

Have any good stories from a specific wedding you’ve played over the years?

Bob’s lawyer has advised against any specific mention of events! I suppose we could change the names to protect the innocent! WE have seen best man and maid of honor speeches so eloquent, they would stand proudly among those of our most prestigious heads of state. And some that could have been wrapped up a little sooner.

What do you wish people knew about booking a wedding band?

Experience is the key. The ability to play the music well is very important. But what makes a great wedding or event is the smoothness, the ease with which all the events of the night blend together. From the toasts to the first dance, to the cutting of the cake, it should be seamless, organized, and efficient. We are happy to do requests, just let us know ahead of time so we can prepare. We know over 250 songs, but if you stump us we will work on the song for you! Also, they should know madBeats can be 2-5 pieces, adding female singers, guitar players, whatever they would like.

What’s your favorite part about playing weddings?

The highlight is always the dancing. The range of talent in rhythm and gymnastics is breathtaking! And champagne really seems to build confidence!

How many weddings have you played?

Bob and I have over 60 years combined experience, so hundreds and hundreds.

What is different about playing weddings as opposed to other events?

It’s the most formal of occasions, so there is a high level of expectation, an understanding that this is a memory in the making. It’s a time-honored ritual, and needs to go as planned and as smoothly as possible. Experience will ensure this, which includes the ability to improvise if need be.

What is your biggest goal at a wedding show?

To make sure the bride and groom get the best experience they could hope for, the best beginning and celebration of their new lives together. That they got everything they asked for, and yet exceeded their expectations

What makes you stand out?

Having a lead singer that also plays saxophone is unique. We have one of the most phenomenal female singers around, Ronni G, who has played with Smash band and many others. The amazing variety of music we do, and the value that we are able to deliver. Also, madBeats brings the PA system, we can play any songs they want to bring on their phone or iPod for playing on the break, or we can supply it. We have wireless mics available for toasts and speeches if the venue doesn’t provide them, and can do any announcements needed. 

What are the most requested songs?

Well, that changes from month to month. But as far as perennials, there will always be someone who wants to hear Brown Eyed Girl, Mustang Sally, or Marguerittaville.

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