Meet the Band - Old Souls Revival

We're excited to welcome Old Souls Revival to the #TPFamily! This group jams to "Heartland Rock" originals and classic covers. Founded in 2012, Old Souls Revival is up and coming in the Midwest and we can't wait to see them grow and evolve. Read on to learn more about the band from lead singer Neil.

How did you come together to form Old Souls Revival?

The band was formed through a mixture of barroom hangs at the Stagger Inn...And studying for undergraduate degrees at SIUE. The founder of the group and the original lead guitarist, Pete Somerville had an idea for a bar band that lead into playing original music written by lead singer Neil C. Luke.

How would you describe your sound?

Our sound is unique and special in that we’re not a “genre” act, which is to say, we serve the song and our sound/dynamic ranges depending on the day.

What made you decide to classify your music as “Heartland Rock”?

“Heartland Rock” felt right because we have roots in the Midwest. We also feel that “Heartland Rock” is a good fit for the music that we make.

When did you all start playing music?

All of us started playing music as kids, somewhere between 6 and 11 years old.

What has been your favorite moment of performing for a live audience?

There’s something special that happens when someone shouts out a random song and the band just goes for it despite having never played it or even talked about it prior to it being requested. Something that equally rivals that experience has been the last two album release shows we’ve had. To see all your friends and family come together for something you’ve put a lot of time and energy into is a great feeling.

What influences your music the most?

The in the moment idea. Most of the time we have a semi-fleshed out idea, but other times we start from a guitar lick, a lyric, a general idea or a beat/feel.

Where did the name originate from?

Choosing a band name is as difficult as one wants to make it. For us, we wanted the name to sort of represent what the band stands for. As we live, we carry on those who’ve passed and we bring that out on stage and in the studio, which is where Old Souls Revival comes from.

Do you have any words to live by or life motto for the band?

Make what you love

How has the band changed over the years?

The band has been through many different lineup changes. We have used that to help push the music to develop and change. Not getting stuck on one idea or one sound. It has helped with the growth of the tremendously by keeping things fresh and clear.

Who would be your dream collaboration?

Personally, for me (Neil) I’d like to work with Frank Ocean, Taylor Goldsmith of Dawes, and of course Bob Dylan and Tom Waits.

If you had to describe the band in one word it would be…


How has your music changed from your first album to your most current?

From the first record to our newest record a lot of the sound has changed but not the underlying idea of, let's make songs that we want to hear. That being a rocker, a pop duet, a punk song or something in between.  

Do you have a favorite performance that you’ve done in the past or been a part of?

A few years ago, Old Souls Revival performed at Undercover Weekend as The Hives, and although it took a lot of preparation, it was one of the most fun performances we’ve had.

If they made a documentary about the band, who would be on the soundtrack?

Some people I would like on the soundtrack: Jon Brion, Johnny Greenwood, Danny Elfman, The Wood Brothers.

What inspires you to play music?

Life, Friends and Family

If you could play on any stage, where would it be?

Red Rocks in Colorado would be amazing.

When can we expect to hear new music?

We should have some new material out in the early months of 2019.

Does anyone in the band have an unusual talent?

Jeremy is a tolerable vegan

If you could perform a concert in any country which would you choose and why?

Japan, so we can meet up with our old guitarist and melt faces with 4 guitar players all on one stage.

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