Missouri Arts Council: Congratulations to Our New Inductees!

Congratulations to the newest additions to the Missouri Arts Council directory! We are honored to announce 7 inductees from the TalentPlus roster.

The Missouri Arts Council offers promotional and financial support to these artists for their regional performances. The program is dedicated to providing performance arts experiences for audiences throughout the state to nurture appreciation for Missouri’s diverse cultural resources. Our artists were accepted based on their artistic quality, management ability, and touring experience - qualities that TalentPlus artists can boast!

The booking fees for these musicians are eligible for grant assistance. This includes performances in Missouri (through the Missouri Arts Council), performances in a six-state region (through the Mid-America Arts Alliance), and performances for nonprofits (through the Express Touring Grants).

Simply put, local and/or nonprofit organizations are eligible to hire these musicians, with a portion of the fees grant sponsored, and knowing that these artists have been vetted for their quality.

A huge congratulations to Fine to Drive, Fresh Heir, Mt. Thelonious, Old Souls Revival, The Matching Shoe, The People’s Key, and Richie Kihlken for being included in this program!

Thank you to the Missouri Arts Council for making the arts more accessible! We look forward to booking our musicians through this wonderful program!

Send an email to ciarab@talent-plus.com to inquire about these artists and this program.

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