Fabulous Make-Up in 2.5 Minutes

Brady Nance, a stylist with TalentPlus in St. Louis, is known for giving an effortless and natural look to her clients. Brady has always been a pro at looking fabulous with little effort, and now that she’s a new mom, she has further mastered a quick make-up routine.

“Well, now that I have 2.5 minutes to get ready,” Brady says, “I recommend starting with what you know to save time.”

1. Do Your Everyday Face
When you’re in a hurry, stick with what you know. Do your same everyday face. This is the base that you will add to.

2. Add Shimmer
Dip your ring finger in a shimmer shadow. Dab it in the corners of the eye for that little pop of sparkle.

3. Spread the Sparkle
With any extra still on your finger, add to the cheekbones for an extra highlight.

Simple as that! The key to success here is choosing a shimmer shadow in a shade of gold, rose gold, or silver that compliments your skin tone. Brady likes MAC and Stila for their cute sets.

Rachel Wonn and Brady Elizabeth looking radiant with a touch shimmer.

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